24  Disyembre 2012
Lunes. 9:59PM
White Beach, Puerto Galera.

     2012 was not the easiest year for me. I got sick for almost 8 months, I failed the Civil Engineering Licensure twice and....I got my heart broken shattered into a million tiny pieces. I woke up feeling robbed of my dream and my reason all at once. It's like going to war then surviving only to know that you're heading for another war without assurance of coming out the same. 
     It was the first time in my life that I literally didn't know what to do next. I just laid in bed for days, not doing absolutely anything. I just laid there. I didn't cry, which up to now scares me as Im afraid that Im shielding myself from my own emotions and that everything that happened has brought so much anaesthetic effect that tears don't come anymore. 

    The most common remark I get from people is of how strong I am as a person, that I get through anything with the brightest smile on my face like facing hurdles for me is as normal as going for an early morning run. 

*deep breath*

    Its Christmas..I will continue this entry some other time. For tonight, I shall put on my mask and pretend that Im the happiest girl in the world.

From here to where you are,

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