02 Disyembre 2013

I think everyone deserves to not be impeccably mannered or politically correct all the time. We all have that certain "Shit. This damn feeling has been getting familiar for two years already. You've been studying your whole life." moments or something along those lines.

I remember that exact moment when the proctor approached me to fill up a brand new exam card. BRAND NEW. And I was writing at the top. I was required to fill up a new card cause yes, unfortunately, I managed to fail the board enough times to fill up one whole freakin card. It was self depreciation at its finest. Nakakaiga ng respeto sa sarili ung oras na un. I was about to breakdown and cry but thought otherwise as even my tears could render the answer sheet invalid if it fell.

I went full circle. Almost like a first time exam taker with blind courage to just go for it. I closed my eyes and endured it. Endure was an understatement if compared to thoae two years of failing repeatedly. And now here we go again.

From here to where you are,