29 Agosto 2012
Miyerkules 2.24PM
At home in Batangas City. 

       The thing with introductions is that you never know what exactly to say first to get the conversation going in the right direction. It is almost always filled with awkward smiles, pauses and handshakes. That also goes with first time blog entries like this one :)

       Writing, for me, is both an escape and a familiar place. I turn to writing whenever things get crazy and whenever things are just cruising. I first fell in love with it during my freshman year in high school. Though I would love to say that my reason was out of teenage rebellious angst for melodramatic purposes, it was more because I really felt that I belonged to it. I started writing on my English Lit notebooks, then on company planners given out on Christmas parties and as time (and my allowance ^_^) progressed, I moved to more fancy hardbound journals. Then there came the world of HTMLs. From one site move to another, here I am finally trying out another means of documenting my everyday life. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will be a long term writing relationship.

       Its really never too late to get out of my comfort zone right? Join me on my roadtrip to life, love and travel Don't forget to put your sunglasses on, it will be a sunshiny adventure =) 

From here to where you are,