01 Setyembre 2012
Sabado. 3:36PM
At home in Batangas City.

       Kicked off the first day of September by downloading music legally =) I purchased Sponge Cola's latest single "XGF" for only 25 bucks and paid it from my Smart mobile account through  mymusicstore.com.ph . When it comes to Sponge Cola, I normally purchase their album every time they're in town so I could get it signed as well. But this development made hearing their music a lot more accessible to their audience, just load 25 bucks and you can download the song right there and then, no rocket science needed =) Through this, you're not just supporting the band but also the OPM industry as well. 

       As for the song (which in my opinion is perfect for early morning runs to get the blood pumping- I mean, who wouldn't be pumped up if they happened to know that their XGF is now the current GF of their friend. haha) you can now vote for it in MYX by visiting myxph.com. You could also vote for the song in Magic 89.9 by tweeting @magic899 and in 99.5 RT by visiting their website dwrt995.fm =) 

I know, I've been very talkative. You must be asking "Where is the video?" so here it is, Sponge Cola's XGF :) Enjoy....

          How about you guys, how did you spend your first day of September? =)

From here to where you are,


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    1. wow, thanks Roselle :) your the first person who commented here, I just started last August eh :)

      PS: nakakakilig naman ung Everything I Need post mo :)